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Landy had thought he had found paradise living in the land of sunshine, but after the death of his beloved wife, Dorothy, Landy was a lost soul. After several difficult years Landy decided to try to find someone to share his life with. God answered his prayers when he met Elaine. Eventually they wed and after a couple of years moved to Las Vegas.

Landy and Elaine entertained family and friends often since many of their friends loved the lights and excitement of Sin City. Soon after moving into their new home on Brothers Bay Court, Landy had a “Swim Spa” installed where he enjoyed relaxing after work. The Swim Spa quickly became a favorite of his grandchildren whenever they visited.

Landy re-captured happiness and remained very busy, building additions, cottages and patios for his children. He was always on the go between Vegas, California and Wisconsin. Landy even found work where he did light maintenance on a part time basis until he was 85 years old. If a fall hadn’t slowed him down, Landy would have worked longer. He also found time to visit a casino or two during his years in Las Vegas. Landy and Elaine were happy.

After 25 happy years things changed again, throwing Landy for a loss. On October 12, 2009, Elaine unexpectedly passed away in her sleep. Landy was lost again until his move back to Milwaukee where he spent his final years surrounded by much of his family.

Enjoy the photos below that show Landy with family and friends, at work and play.


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