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As another 15 year period came to a close, Landy and Dorothy were planning another move. Sell everything and move to California. Dorothy's motives were easy to understand, Landy's health. He worked an extremely tough job in the worst of conditions. His breathing was labored and it was getting worse. Working in subzero temperatures in the winter, heat and humidity of the summer can take its toll. Landy did construction work, the old fashion way, he did it all. Warnbrunn Construction took all kinds of jobs, but specialized in insurance repairs; fire damage, tornados, storms and high winds. He was the foreman, but he worked on the job from beginning to end. It was difficult work and he has the scars to prove it.

Landy's motives aren't as easy to pin down, but anyone who knows Landy, knows that he needs to keep busy and take on new challenges. This would be a challenge for anyone, but at 58 years old, starting over was monumental.

Of course, if you know Landy, you knew he would succeed. He quickly landed a job at Northridge Hospital, in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, as the head of the carpenter shop. He soon made an impression and had people seeking him out for advise on major projects. What was hard work for most, was easy for Landy. It was like retirement compared to what he was use to in Milwaukee, plus there were no brutal winters. Dorothy was right, the move had a major impact on his heath. His breathing improved dramatically.

Landy and Dorothy bought a three bedroom home in Reseda, near the hospital. Soon he was remodeling it and building corrals for the horses who would soon be moving in. Landy moved walls, remodeled the kitchen and added a Family room. Outside the house was no different, adding a hot tub, a pool, a patio..... He needed a new challenge and found one....Look out Los Angeles.

The house was on property zoned for horses, which would keep Landy busy for years to come. In his spare time, when most people would be relaxing in front of the television, Landy was training horses, breeding his Appaloosa "Run Away May", who had a beautiful foal, "Dixie May." Plus there were two other horses; Flicka, and Bonnie. He had four horses to keep him busy, but training Dixie May was a labor of love. He loved that foal, even bringing her into the house to be with him....sound familiar? He moved from working on a boat in the living room to training horses in the house!!!

Oh there's more, he also managed to find time to bowl on several teams, where he won several league championships. His high game was 295!!! Before joining the league Landy never bowled a game in his life, but Landy never did anything halfway. He believed if you were going to do something, do it right. He'd set his mind to it and do it.

While Dorothy's belief that the move to California was necessary for Landy's health, no one could have guessed that it was her health that would fail, for she was cut from the same material as Landy and she too was tough as nails. After a very courageous battle with cancer, Dorothy finally passed away on August 22, 1982. I'm sure if there was anything out of place in heaven, it was soon put back in place.

Landy was heartbroken...

Enjoy the photos which will provide you with a glimpse into the years
Landy spent in Southern California.

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