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Hi Great Uncle Landy,

Congratulations on an awesome career of racing. You're quite the pioneer. Your oldest sister, "Iva", my grandmother, would be very proud of you. I'm sure she's watching down from heaven smiling and reflecting upon what a great life her younger brother has lived.

You've accomplished so much in many ways. My Uncle Bob Baggs says you're quite the video poker player and wishes you could have taught him more about winning in poker!!

Growing up, many people would ask me why my dad & uncle, James C. Baggs & Bob Baggs, would drive so fast. Now, it all makes sense...they were trying to emulate, "The Greatest Midget Race Car Driver of All Time"...the Great Uncle Landy Scott!!

Sorry we couldn't connect last year in Las Vegas. Hopefully, we'll be able to get together this time & you can share some of the greatest highlights of your racing career.

Seeing you sometime soon!! Thanks you so very much!

Your Great Nephew,

James R. Baggs
Phoenix, AZ

Hello Landy,

Compliments on your great website and greetings from Collinsville, Illinois. My name is Lee Duncan, I'm the son of Ted Duncan, 'The Flying Splinter' champion midget driver from your era. He started as a stooge for Wally Zale, and rode with him as mechanic in the 1933 Elgin Road Race. I see from the old newspaper articles on your website that you competed with my dad in races, and you were in Wally Zales' pit crew in the late 1930s, so I'm sure you knew my dad. In your biography you say that Johnny Pawls' #17, driven in the 1940s by my dad, was featured in the Abbott and Costello 1947 movie 'Buck Privates Come Home'. I never knew that before, so I ordered a copy of the movie from Ebay, and now I can watch my dads' car in action whenever I want. That means so much to me, and I have you to thank for that. Ted passed on in 1963 at the age of 50, way too early. I was just 14 at the time, and that will always be the saddest day of my life. I have my dads' racing collection including hundreds of original photos from 1937 to 1952. I have attached some photos to this and the following email that you would be interested in. I hope you enjoy these, and thanks so much for keeping these great racing memories alive.


Lee Duncan

Thanks Lee!! Photos of Ted are posted on my "Photo Album, Friends and Competitors" section.

Thanks for the info and pictures. I never got to see Teddy Duncan drive but would have liked to. You do a great job with the website. Keep those old pictures and stories coming. That was a great era in racing.

David Pritts

Hi Landy,

I have heard your name many times, relating to the history of BMARA, and I am pleased to hear you're still available for contact. I am 61. I apprenticed to Harry Turner, building cars in his Chicago shop in 1973, and we won the NAMAR championship that year with Rich Vogler driving. When Harry relocated to Kenosha (1976??), I worked on several more car projects with him.

More recently, I have joined forces with Harry's son, Lance. We have restored some of Harry's cars and built several scaled cars, like 1/4 or 1/2 midgets. It seems likely to me that you would have interacted with Harry in your career. If so, I wonder if I could prevail on you to reminisce a little bit, with some memories I might share with Lance.

I'm attaching a picture of the first car Lance and I built in 1999. He looks like Harry, I'm the other one. Also included is a picture of our cars taken at the Miller Meet in Milwaukee 2005.

Gregg Kishline

Hi Landy,

So neat to be able to do this. Very nice website.

My dad, Vance Hill, drove midgets for three years until 1949. First two years in Minnesota , then in Wisconsin, car #8 for Mar-Dreel Motors in DePere. I remember him telling me the car did not handle the best. My dad passed away a couple of years ago at 82. He did give me his scrapbook and belt with a midget on the buckle. My mom showed me a 1949 program with most of the driver’s autographs.

I have occasionally visited this site, and did see my dad’s name in the race results section.

Have a great day!

D.J. Hill
Seymour , WI

Thanks D.J. Photos of Vance are posted on my "Photo Album, Friends and Competitors" section. The photo, from a Brown County Fairgrounds (De Pere, Wisconsin) program cover, features many autographs from the stars of Badger.

Dear Landy,

I am a fan from England UK, and I just wondered if you would kindly let me know if there is any possibility at all of receiving a signed photo of you? I would be most grateful to you.

Wishing you all the very best, and look forward to hearing from you soon, Many thanks from UK fan.

Nick Woods,
Dorset, England

Dear Nick,

It's great to hear from a fan in England, your photo is in the mail. Thanks for your support.


Hi Uncle Landy,

Where is your car? Are you still in racing? When are you coming back to Wisconsin so that I can meet you?
My name is Bryan, I am your great great nephew!!! I am 8 years old. I live in Watertown, Wisconsin, with my Grandma and Grandpa.

I love you and your car.

Write me back soon.

Bye, I love you Uncle Landy

Love Bryan


I had been wondering what ever happened to Wally Zale who was a big name at about the time I started attending midget races. I punched his name into Google and found your website. I have been sitting here at 11 pm and enjoying your racing stories more than you will know. I first saw midget races at Farmer City IL. I remember from those first races Mike O'Halloran, Ronnie Householder, Myron Fohr, Frank Burany and someone they called "leadfoot" Johnny Deetz - I wonder if he's the person you mentioned. Later at Macon, Springfield (Joe Shaheen) and Lincoln were Ray Knepper, Chuck Marshall, Russ Fox and Don Branson among many more. Our local Studebaker power standout was Hal Leeds - but not nearly as successful as you. I'm curious as to whether you ran any of these tracks or the miles at Springfield or Duquoin.

Thank you for brightening my evening. I hope that things are well with you and if you have the time, would like to hear from you.

Thank you,

David Pritts (Decatur, IL)

Hi Landy!

You fired yourself up a website! Whoo-Rhah for you! This is Danny Goodwin from Northridge Hospital in Central Supply! I don't know if you'd remember me or not: I'll send you some pictures if you don't. I'm the one who's Chev Nova, Mark Beaver put blocks under the axle, (you as well??) while all your crew was on the roof of 'Pic -n- Save laughing & whistling!

I never knew you were a Race Car Driver!

I also never knew you were from Milwaukee!

We got some things in common, believe it or not!

Fondly, Danny & Angie Goodwin
Reseda, Ca

PS: Yes, I'm still @ St. Northridge. > 25 years now!

Hi Landy,

Enjoyed browsing your web site. The photos bring back great memories. I shot a picture of you sliding upside down along the inside guardrail at Soldier Field, Chicago in 1958/59. Jigger Sirois, driving Jack Sim's #73 car (the old Lee Elkins/Mike Nazurak midget) broke the left axel and turned left into you as you started to pass down the main straightaway. I remember watching your helmet bounce off each of the Armco posts, and it seemed to slide forever. I think all you injured was your shoulder, but the car was banged up. A lot of compound curves going the wrong way. Nostalgic memories of the 40's, 50's and 60's. Glad you were a part of them.

Best Regards and God Bless you and yours.

Dick Lubbers

Hi there Ol' Landy....

What a great honor it is to pay tribute to someone who has meant so much to so many over the years. When I first met Landy in 1977, little did I know about Midget racing and what passion it took to drive open-wheeled race cars until Landy proudly remembered all his experiences and was able to enlighten us. He has an amazing memory of each and every race, practice session, dates and even some of the heated exchanges that were brought on by the competitiveness during that time....I'm still trying to figure out where "33rd and Jibirdy" is though?

Thanks for creating a website that honors such a great man who is loved by so many for so many years, just knowing and being around Landy was one of the highlights of my life. If "Ol' 17" could transform into one of today's Race Cars, I would pay any money to watch him drive..... Good luck Landy and God Bless!!

Your good Friend,

Mark G. Beaver
Boise, Idaho

Hello Landy;

I saw your site on Midget Madness, my Mom told me you drove with my Dad back at Sun Prairie in the 50's and 60's. His name also was Gordy Edwards. I have the same pic of you from Armin Krieger, he sent me some of my dads former racing pics. Any chance you remember him? He was very short, with wavy black hair, don't know if he ever won races. I met Billy Woods some years back when I was racing at the Copper Classic and he remembered my mom and dad.

I also raced midgets in California now my kids are racin, 1/4 midgets and Focus midgets this year, they have a website if you want to take a look.

Thanks for your time, my Landy pic is on the wall.

Gordy Edwards and Kids

Dear Gordy,

Thanks for the kind words and yes, I do remember your Father. He was a very kind man. He was also a very good race driver. If his equipment would have matched his talent, he'd have won many races. His name can be found in several of the articles on my "News Article" page. Thanks for visiting. Landy


I had not been on to your website in sometime & can see many, many improvements. It's a great site. Thanks so much for putting it together & sharing it with us. Being George Welch's son I want to thank you for your kind words regarding my father. I always placed him up on a pedestal believing he was the best person & best mechanic in the world. Your words confirm that opinion. I know that my father would agree when I say you & dad made a great team. That you two were the fastest class B [stock blocks] midget around in 1947 & 1948 & running on a very limited budget is all the more amazing. I can still remember the late Bill Vukivich after being beat by you in a heat race, I believe at Wisconsin State Fair Park, he came running over to demand to know what kind of engine the Welch Special was running. He couldn't believe he had been beat by class B midget. When my father showed him that it was a Studebaker he really couldn't believe it. The secret was not horsepower but torque with a driver smart enough to use it. Landy, you knew how to manage it. They didn't call you "balloon foot" for nothing. You had to know how to use a light progressive pressure on the gas pedal. That is not how you drove a Ford V-8 60, it was "pedal to the metal" as they say.

Again thanks for giving me so many memories that I will never forget.

Richard "Dick" Welch
Venice, FL.

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed your website. I missed alot of that era, had the misfortune of being born in 1951, and Dad was a damn stock car lovin man. I grew up next to a stock car track, and Salem Indiana was just up the road bout 25 miles. I think he may have been aware of the carnage of the old open wheel days so we never saw a "big car" race there. We did go to Salem for the stockers though, and what a day for a 8 year old, man that track looked big.

You were lucky to have such a good mechanic, and I really felt good about the way you honored him in your site. I'm sure he's just smilin down on all the compliments you gave him. Until the day I die, my heros will be race drivers.

God bless and stay out of the cold.

Scott Hunn,
Hoosier through and through

Terrific pictures & very fond memories.

Richard K French,
DePere, Wisconsin


Thanks for the great website, both your own and the ones on the link page. I'm a racing historian here in Wisconsin and I believe I did get to see you race during the late 50's and early 60's at Sun Prairie. Ron Fredenberg is doing a great job on the Badger site, but a lot of history isn't posted yet. I know Kevin Olson's brother was trying to do a book on Badger midget history too. I use to write for Checkered Flag Racing News here in Wisconsin, as well as Midwest, Hawkee, Marc Times,National Speed Sport News and Racing Wheels from the west coast. From 1962 till around the early 90's with Checkered Flag. I enjoy all the racing history so if you have an extra photos you can sell me I would appreciate it very much.


Bob Bergeron
Kaukauna Wisconsin

Dear Landy

After 2 hours I have still not finished looking through your wonderful website. My name is Graeme Barrett and I own "Rocky 21" the only Studebaker powered midget in Australia. This car was originally built in 1946 in New Zealand and was brought to Australia in the mid 80's. I have owned it the last 2 years. The engine is a 1940 champion with morgan modifications. Just thought you might be interested. I have attached a photo.

Congratulations on a wonderful site.


Graeme Barrett
Sydney Australia

What a great web site. I went through every page and looked at all the photos. I noticed Landy was a real 'rim rider' and wasn't afraid to run up high. What an incredible career. I really enjoyed meeting Landy at Irwindale (California) a few years ago. Landy was about 80 years old at the time and he was as sharp as a tack and very cool. It was fascinating listening to him talk between races and at intermission. It was a very memorable night for me. I knew he raced midgets but I didn't know I was sitting with a racing legend. I'll pass the site on to several friends so they can enjoy it too.

Dennis Henderson,
Floral City, Florida

I worked with Landy in the early 70’s and always enjoyed his racing stories. Landy always teased me about me wanting to race stock cars. Well, when we went to race for the first time, Landy was up in the stands to watch. I’ll always remember that.

This is by far the best racing website!

Tom Ortman,
Eagle, Wisconsin

Hi Landy,

Just absolutely great web site Landy, it brought back alot of fond memories when I was a small kid at the DePere races and you were so great and kind to me. What a outstanding talented driver you were, the best++++++.

Arleen and I sure enjoyed your visit with us, please come again. And thank Tom for not giving up looking for the house.

GO #17,

Franklin Fitzgerald

I love your website! Last year a friend of Mel Kenyon's by the name of Tom asked me to help him create a website to one of our heroes Mel Kenyon.

While searching for info on Mel, I stumbled across your site. It is beautiful!

Anyway, I am here to ask permission to use the two photos I have found of Mel on your site. Of course I will give your site credit under the photos. I already have your site linked from Mel's on every page in the left column near the bottom. I also have a banner which I placed on the links page.

Thank you very much,

Scott Bennett

(To visit Mel's site go to my Links page and scroll down)

Hi Landy,

You probably do not remember me, but I almost bought one of your race cars, in West Allis Wisc. about 1960. I was sent to you by a good friend, Frank Connors, I know you guys were good friends. Guess what, I should have bought your car but the car was a basket case. Everything was apart and I did not know enough at the time to put it back together. I went on to race cars for over 30 years and still am making parts and putting wrecks back together. My business name is Out Law Chassis, I have been doing a lot of aluminum bodies for old race cars. My email address is

Seb Balistreri

Subject: Great Website!


When I was a boy my Dad took me to the midget races. I came across your site by accident and have come back to it often. It has brought back many memories and I thank you for it. The pictures and bio are fantastic.

Thanks again ...................Bill McGrath (58 years old)


That best describes your site and it is a site for my old eyes. Your #17, what can I say except, that's what RACE CARS are suppose to look like. I have been a fan since before the big one (WWII).

Live in Pennsylvania, been to most of the tracks in Eastern Pa. Hatfield was our local track, closed approx. '67 or '68, sure do miss the old cars and the great races we USED to see. These new things with wings are for he birds.

Thanks for your time and thanks again for the memories.

Richard Loeffler
Sellersville, Pennsylvania


I enjoyed your website. I now know where my love of racing comes from now. I always wanted to drive a race car but things just haven't worked out. I am a member of Living Legends of Auto Racing, Inc. We are trying to raise money to have a museum to preserve racing history.


Hey Landy just found your web site, its great!!!

Betty (Fredenberg) Berg

Dear Mr. Scott, my son and I just viewed your website, boy what a great life story. I work with your son Dan, here in California. I'm a huge car buff and was talking with Dan about how my son and I collect die cast cars, my son has a huge love for the automobile, especially exotics and race cars. It's obvious from your up close section that Dan has inherited some of your wonderful traits. You should be very proud of him, he is a shining example of what a person should be! Undoubtedly, you raised him right. Anyway, I just wanted to wish you continued good health and thank you for sharing your life passion with the rest of us. I think I'll just watch the racing from the comfort of my arm chair and leave the art of racing to the experts. God bless you and take care!!!!!!!!!


Todd and Joseph
Los Angeles, CA

P.S. Goooooo Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Scott you have brought back so many good memories of races when they were races and not follow the leader. I go back to races before the Big One, in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

Also thanks to VOR otherwise I would not have found your site.

Thanks again....Richard Loeffler
Sellersville, Pa

Hi Landy,

I noticed the article about your website in the Vintage Oval Racing magazine, and what fun it is to remember you and the days of Midget Car racing in Wisconsin. Being from Waukesha, your car was of particular interest to me, as I attended probably every Midget Race at State Fair Park when I was a kid during the late 40's and in the 50's. Of course Bettenhausen, Vukovich, Parsons and that bunch were the main attraction, but you guys held your own in the "B" series. How nice of you to give great credit to George Welsh for your success. We all needed a helping guy like that to keep us going, no matter what our endeavors. I think I remember he worked at one of the dealership garages in Waukesha, and I saw your car there once in a while.

Like you, I have retired to Las Vegas, and enjoy the dry heat and great countryside. I have been doing a few things in auto racing, but time is catching up with me. I visited Angell Park last month during an auto trip back to "the Fatherland," and it was great competition, so close that in one event the drivers didn't know who went over the finish-line first.

All the Best,

Kent Koenig
Las Vegas, Nev.


I'm so glad Sharon casually mentioned that you had a website. I logged onto it and was instantly engrossed in the site. I always knew you raced, but when you see the pictures, articles and read your memories, what an awesome difference. The reader gets to really feel a part of your experience.

I got chills when I read that you burned 40% of your body, and I wasn't surprised when I read the part about you getting back in the car a few days later - you're no sissy boy!

Thank you for your website Landy, I really enjoyed it and I know others will too. I'm glad I've had the pleasure to meet you and know you for over 20 years. You always amaze me!

Take care.


Evelyn Castruita
Los Angeles, California

Hi Landy,

Just viewed your great site and enjoyed what I have seen! Got the site from my latest VOR mag. and I also am a former midget driver from Seattle. Reading your memoirs, brought back memories, as I also used my mustering out $300.00 pay, plus $200.00 more to buy my first V 8 60 midget in 1945. I raced from 1946 through 1956, drove mostly Fords for 6 years, then graduated to the fine Offys for the last 4 years. I will be 81 in August, and wish I could have returned to the Miller Meet at the Milwaukee Mile again this year. I drove the John Nelson owned, former John Zink #6 A.J. Watson Champ car for the two day meet. We ran about 80 laps, and burned about 40 gallons of methanol. On the trip home we stopped at the fine Angell Park Speedway in Sun Prairie and wished we could have been there the night before. However we got some good photos of the fine track, and visited the midget HOF museum. Thanks again, Regards-

Mel Anthony
Shoreline, Wa.

My name is Darlene Blair and I had the incredible honor of working with Landy Scott for 3 years at TAC2 as an office customer service representative. This web site is incredible and a great way to pay homage to someone who is indeed one in a million. Landy and I still keep in touch and I have 2 pictures of him on my bulletin board in my office where I currently work. I would really love to have a picture from his anniversary inside his #17 car to go with the one I have of a younger Landy in the same car. If it is possible to email a copy to me I would greatly appreciate it. I know that Landy would not mind.

Again thank you for designing such a great site for him.

Darlene Blair
Las Vegas, NV

Landy---Checked out your website. Now I know more than I did before. I can see why my sister was interested in you.

Your favorite brother-in-law,


Happy Father’s Day!!

This is a terrific way for everyone to see and read about my Father's racing career and his life outside of racing. I know he is very proud of this website. All I can say is thank you and keep up the great work.

Thomas Scott,
Green Bay, Wisconsin

I feel Landy Scott was the best Midget racer, during the time he was racing because, why else would I have chosen him as my favorite driver? We have been friends since 1949 and still keep in contact.

Eva Mae French,
DePere, Wisconsin

I am Landy's eldest daughter and can still remember watching him race in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. He loved racing and loves life. He will be 85 yrs. young on June 21st, 2004. He did then and does now, everything with everything he has.

Three Lakes, WI

Great website!! The articles and photos bring back many wonderful memories.

Chicago, Ill.

This is a great website!! Makes me very proud to be a Scott! I hope the website is around for a long time for future generations to read!

Trisha (Landy's granddaughter)
Little Suamico, Wisconsin

Thanks for the compliment on the site but, yours takes the cake. It is very well put together and extremely informative. I have added a mention about it on the front page of our site and will add it to the local links later. I am way to busy to be surfing through sites today but, I could not stop clicking on yours. I haven't gotten to the articles yet because I got stuck looking at the pictures. They are excellent. Don't mean to gush so much but I have to say your site is one of the best I have seen.

Feel free to link our site, it would be appreciated.



I placed a link on the links page under Former Midget Racers. Very nice website and it is always nice to see midget racers from the past.

Thanks, Ryan

As a long time friend and maybe known as a best friend, it is very nice to see this web page set up for Landy, I'm sure he will appreciate it very much. He's a great person and I visit with him in Vegas two to three times a year and he's still going strong.

Bob Osten,

I just checked it out......awesome website. Quite the tribute to Landy.....great job, I'm sure Landy is smiling from ear to ear. I'm so glad that I'm one of the privileged people to know him......and his special daughter. :)




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