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Between about 1926 through 1977 Landy called the City of Milwaukee home. He lived in several homes, but the first that they owned was bought in 1958, the one he and Dorothy raised their children in. It was on the south side, 3018 S. 65th Court, to be exact. The house, a 2 bedroom ranch was soon expanded into a 3 bedroom with a family room, and one bath....for eight people. Four boys in one bedroom and two girls in the other.

There was an elementary school within walking distance, which was also in view, which made Mom happy. Four of us started our school years there at Fairview Elementary.

After a few years, Landy added a 2 1/2 car garage, complete with a wood burning stove. Throughout the years many cars, boats, lawnmowers, etc., were repaired in that garage.

Even though the house was small by today's standards, it was home and many great memories were born there. Sharon and Gary came along after the house was bought, so that was the only home they ever knew.

The photos below depict some of those great memories, like birthdays, Christmas, holidays and graduations. Landy even built a boat in the living room !@#*!... Yes, you read that correctly, an eight foot hydroplane, from plans out of Popular Mechanics in the dead of winter. He needed a warm place for the fiberglass to dry, so he brought the boat into the livingroom. Dorothy wasn't too happy, but she put up with it like she put up with so many other things that her husband and six kids could get into over the years.

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